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Investing in technology to reduce expenses and paper use in daycares


Montreal April 2, 2015 – The last budget mentions deep cuts in the budget allocated to daycares. More and more daycares equip themselves with technological tools to increase their profitability and be more eco-friendly. Some daycares recently incorporated Molly, a web portal for managing communication with parents.

Managing a daycare requires budgetary efficiency on a financial level as well as the use of time allocated to daily tasks. With less money and more things to do, daycare centres are looking to cut expenses and minimize the number of tasks that take time by acquiring better technology tools to get there.

Talents123 on Nuns Island aims to be environmentally and uses Molly, a web portal allowing parents to have access to important information about their children on the web. One of Talents123 mandates is to provide an ecological environment through the elimination of most paper communications (agenda of the child, menus for the meals, memos or calendar of activities).

Molly being on the “cloud” it can be used on all platforms such as smart phones, tablets or computers. Much less time is spent to write repetitive texts on the agendas by educators, thanks to the ‘copy / paste’, resulting in more time for other things and better salary efficiency.

Talents123 also increases the degree of satisfaction of parents: “It’s great to read the diary of my child before I go get him! This way I can discuss in detail his day when I get to the daycare. ” says L.M. client at Talents123.

“On my side the biggest benefit is being able to read how was the day my son on my phone without having to be physically at the daycare. More environmentally friendly and in line with technological developments! ” adds R.M. another client at Talents123.

Parents can check the documents and information when they want and from where they want. The administration of the daycare posts information online once and for all and does not have to handle emails not received and documents that were not distributed or received by parents anymore.

Budgetary constraints and the need to stand out from the competition lead daycares to modernize and maximize the value of their services. Talents123, thanks to its new web portal, adds an additional asset to meet its mandate to be environmentally friendly, efficient and advanced technologically!


For more information, please contact:

Mr. Nicolas Amato
Neo Developments Inc.
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About Talents123.

Centrally located in Nun’s Island, Talents123 is a private early childhood educational center offering world class childcare and educational preparation for infant, toddler, pre-school and pre-kindergarten ages (5month-5 years old). Their distinguishable value is paramount in the quality of their services and innovative educational curriculum while offering small size classes, enriched activities, exclusive services, experienced and qualified team, organic food and a nourishing and safe Eco- Friendly environment.

About Neo Developments Inc.

Neo Developments is a Quebec company that has developed and put on the market the technological solution for communication exclusively for daycares called Molly. In addition, Neo Developments offers its customers a full range of services, including website development, hosting, graphic design, and network solutions.